Spot & ORI Real-time Mapping

RACE loans ORI Spot for Real-time Mapping Development


Oxford Robotics Institute (ORI) utilised the NNUF access scheme to hire the Boston Dynamics Spot robot with the support of the RACE Hot Robotics Facility.

This allowed ORI to adapt their 3D real-time mapping and navigation system.



Project details

ORI adapted their 3D real-time mapping and navigation system to the quadruped robot and used it to build complete and accurate maps of buildings while taking advantage of Spot’s one-of-a-kind mobility.

The end result of the loan scheme was an onsite demo of the robot exploring a non-active facility on the UKAEA campus while carrying out (simulated) Gamma radiation mapping. ORI’s approach can mark-up 3D maps with the activities levels sensed in that location which can be registered back to an existing model or updated in future.

Looking ahead

This capability demonstration has helped to initiate follow up collaborations with University of Bristol, as part of their work with Chernobyl.

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