Vega / Lyra

Small tracked platform


Small tracked platform:

  • Has 2d LiDAR, RGB-D camera and optional manipulator
  • ROS controlled
  • Second generation robot, Lyra, will be available for hire soon. Watch this space for further details or contact The University of Manchester to register your interest:

Kit contents

  • Vega/Lyra (Small tracked platform)
  • 2d LiDAR
  • RGB-D camera
  • Optional manipulator

Required skills & qualifications

  • Experience with ROS
  • Experience with UGV operation

Additional considerations

  • Further training and support can be provided upon request.

Daily hire cost inc. VAT


*Cost will vary dependent on duration of hire and support required

**There is 1 available at University of Manchester



Vega / Lyra is available at the following facilities:

  • University of Manchester, RAICo One Whitehaven Facility
    On Site Use & Delivery Available