Laser Cutting Robot Facility

Size Reduction and Laser Cutting Robot Test Facility


A test facility available for: material cutting tests, cut path planning and collision avoidance, object recognition, system architecture deployment, fume management, and laser ablation trials.

  • Industrial robot with tool change operation for camera/laser head/mechanical tooling exchange
  • Replica test platform for active demonstrators based on the Sellafield site
  • Aluminium/graphite operating enclosure measuring 6.6m long x 4.4m wide x 2.9m high

Kit contents

  • KUKA KR 120 Robot Arm with Tool Changer
  • 5 kW Laser
  • ENSENSO Camera N35-602-16-BL
  • Makita Tooling
  • SCHUNK Gripper
  • Control Room
  • Dummy Laser Head
  • Dust and Particulate Extraction System

Required skills & qualifications

  • Users can deploy their own tools and sensors
  • Further training and support can be provided upon request

Additional considerations

  • CAD models of the rig are available
  • Can provide sample objects for trials

Daily hire cost inc. VAT


*Cost will vary dependent on duration of hire and support required

***Please email NNL for costs


Laser Cutting Robot Facility is available at the following facilities:

  • National Nuclear Laboratory, Workington Facility
    Site Use Only