Pupil Invisible

Machine learning powered eye tracking glasses


To record gaze patterns and eye movements during user studies.

Kit contents

  • Eye tracking glasses
  • Recording Companion Device (Android device) for real-time gaze estimation, wearer management, recording, and real-time streaming

Required skills & qualifications

  • Basic computers and software knowledge for basic recordings and experiments.
  • Basic knowledge of eye tracking terminology when analysing data using Pupil Cloud and Pupil Player.
  • Time series and eye tracking knowledge for analysis using third-party tools.

Additional considerations

  • Follow the Getting Started and User Guides provided by Pupil Labs.
  • Windows 10, Linux and MacOS. Some advance features available using python programming language.

Daily hire cost inc. VAT



Pupil Invisible is available at the following facilities:

  • University of Manchester, RAICo One Whitehaven Facility
    On Site Use & Delivery Available