Colibri Radiation Detector


The Colibri TTC survey meter is a comprehensive health physics instrument with unique characteristics. The “always on” gamma dose feature ensures the worker is always informed – even when using the Colibri unit for contamination surveys with attached probes. The Colibri survey meter also allows for wireless (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) data collection from pre-positioned detectors that can be placed in radiation areas – eliminating the need to attach probes, get close to the source – then manually transcribe data.

Supplied with a SAB-250 probe used for monitoring alpha/beta radiation. Features:

• Alpha/Beta surface contamination measurement

• 250 cm2 Phoswich scintillation detector

• Calibration via PC

• Easy removable grid for decontamination

Kit contents

  • Carrying case
  • Charger with US/EU/GB adapters
  • Colibri/PC USB cable
  • SAB-250 Probe

Required skills & qualifications

  • Experience using similar sensors
  • Full liability insurance

Additional considerations

  • A Windows based laptop  is required

Daily hire cost inc. VAT


*Cost will vary dependent on the facility, support required, and duration of hire

**There is 1 available at RACE


MIRION Colibri Hand Held Radiation Detector is available at the following facilities:

  • RACE, Remote Applications in Challenging Environments
    On Site Use & Delivery Available