Aquatic autonomous surface vehicle


MallARD is an aquatic surface ROV providing self-localisation of the vehicle through liDAR and without the need for additional infrastructure. Can be used in locations such as spent fuel ponds or wet silos but can operate in most pools that have at least 0.5m wall height.

Kit contents

  • MallARD
  • 25m tether and ethernet connection box with kill switch
  • Waterproof LiDAR with a 25m range
  • SLAM liDAR mapping

Required skills & qualifications

  • ROV piloting
  • Experience using similar systems
  • ROS

Additional considerations

  • Further training and support can be provided upon request

Daily hire cost inc. VAT



MallARD is available at the following facilities:

  • University of Manchester, RAICo One Whitehaven Facility
    On Site Use & Delivery Available