KUKA LBR Iiwa 14 R820

Highly precise robot arm with integrated force/torque sensors for human-robot collaboration


A precise, compact robot arm with integrated force-torque sensors which allow it to be used collaboratively with human users.

  • 6DOF Manipulator​
  • 14kg Payload​
  • 820mm Reach​

Kit contents

  • KUKA LBR Iiwa 14 R820
  • University of Bristol equipment bundle:
    A 2-finger gripper
  • University of Manchester equipment bundle:
    Sunrise control cabinet, teach pendant, choice of 2 or 3 finger gripper, laptop running Sunrise workbench
  • UKAEA equipment bundle:
    SmartPAD controller, Electric type media flange, Safety cube, OnRobot RG6 gripper

Required skills & qualifications

  • Proven experience using similar robotic manipulators
  • KUKA robot arm training or supervision with trained staff
  • Full liability insurance

Additional considerations

  • A laptop running Sunrise workbench is required. This can be provided upon request
  • CAD models are available

Daily hire cost inc. VAT


*Cost will vary dependent on the facility, support required, and duration of hire

**There are 2 available at University of Bristol, 1 available at University of Manchester, and 1 available at RACE


KUKA LBR Iiwa 14 R820 is available at the following facilities:

  • University of Bristol, Fenswood Facility
    On Site Use & Delivery Available
  • RACE, Remote Applications in Challenging Environments
    On Site Use & Delivery Available
  • University of Manchester, RAICo One Whitehaven Facility
    Site Use Only