Fanuc R2000iD 165FH

An industrial robotic manipulator


With the R-2000iD, FANUC introduces a hollow arm and smaller installation dimensions to its best-selling R-2000 model line. Offline programming & cable management is simplified with the cables being run internally. This also simplifies decontamination of surfaces. Includes R30iB controller and Safe zoning software. Can be supplied as part of a complete robot cell with optional tool changer and grippers.

  • 6DOF Manipulator​
  • 165kg Payload​
  • 2.6m Reach​
  • ROS or Fanuc Software compatible
  • Hollow body for cable management

Kit contents

  • Fanuc R2000iD manipulator
  • R30iB Plus controller with software
  • Optional Extras

Required skills & qualifications

  • Experience using similar arms or supervision/training by UKAEA staff
  • Full liability insurance

Additional considerations

  • The Fanuc R2000iD 165FH can be used at a users site if the correct training qualifications and insurance are in place.
  • This will also require suitable transport and time to setup
  • It will need to be used within a safety interlocked cell
  • UKAEA can provide transport and cell

Daily hire cost inc. VAT


*Cost will vary dependent on duration of hire and support required

**There is 1 available at RACE


Fanuc R2000iD 165FH is available at the following facilities:

  • RACE, Remote Applications in Challenging Environments
    On Site Use & Delivery Available