AgileX Scout Mini

Photo of Scout Mini ©AGX-scout mini

Light and agile UGV


All terrain high-speed UGV. It’s smaller size means its manoeuvrable at high speeds and can access narrow spaces:

  • 4-wheel differential drive
  • Independent suspension so suitable for rough terrain
  • Maximum speed of 10km/h
  • ROS compatible
  • Dimensions: 612 x 580 x 245mm
  • Payload: Up to 50kg
  • Climbing ability: <30° With Loading
  • Available with Research & Development kit: Velodyne VLP16 sensor, NVIDIA AGX Xavier and Intel Realsense D435

Kit contents

  • AgileX Scout Mini
    with battery charger and controller
  • Research & Development Kit (Pro version)
    Velodyne VLP16 sensor, NVIDIA AGX Xavier, Intel Realsense D435, USB-hub, router, HD display, USB CAN HL

Required skills & qualifications

  • Experience using similar systems
  • Experience with ROS
  • Systems integration
  • Experience with UGV

Additional considerations

  • Need laptop for programming and or setup, or one can be included for hire
  • Further training and support can be provided upon request

Daily hire cost inc. VAT


*Cost will vary dependent on duration of hire and support required.


AgileX Scout Mini is available at the following facilities:

  • University of Manchester, RAICo One Whitehaven Facility
    On Site Use & Delivery Available